Board & Staff

WCI Staff

  • Coordination and oversight of WCI's fundraising efforts are Sandy's responsibility. She coordinates volunteer efforts and is responsible for WCI's endowment development. In addition, Sandy works with communities to establish community funds.

  • Greg wears two hats at WCI. He is responsible for WCI’s business initiatives including loans, technical assistance to businesses and entrepreneurs, and equity programs; and he also helps communities identify federal and state resources for economic development projects, and assists with grant applications to the federal Economic Development Administration (EDA).

  • The administration of WCI's grant programs falls under Wendy's responsibilities, including the planning and evaluation activities. She also facilitates communication and coordination among program staff.

  • Wayne’s primary responsibility is to work with the District 4 MN Department of Transportation to develop the region’s transportation plan. Wayne also coordinates that plan with the regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). He is also responsible for integrating the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) into transportation planning.

  • Sheri manages and oversees communications, public relations and marketing to maintain and enhance the image and awareness of WCI.

  • It's all about the kids! Nancy ensures that the early childhood project, funded by The McKnight Foundation, is successfully completed and appropriately coordinated with the efforts of the other Minnesota Initiative Foundations.

  • Coordination and oversight of WCI's fundraising efforts and endowment development are Tom's responsibilities. In addition, he works with communities and organizations to establish charitable (component) funds.

  • Andrew works primarily on active transportation projects, including pedestrian and bicycle planning, Safe Routes to School, trails planning and more. In addition to his role in active transportation, he will also work on other transportation projects for WCI, including scenic byway planning.

  • Kathy takes care of all funds coming into WCI, balances all checking account statements, prepares financial statements, year-end reports and statements, etc. She also assists with financial reporting to all of WCI's funders.

  • Rick joined WCI as a part-time accounting assistant. He assists the accountant to help serve our donors, loan recipients, grantees and component funds.

  • Deb is the loan program assistant and prepares loan documentation and performs loan monitoring. Deb is also responsible for the maintenance of WCI's database.

  • Duane assists the loan program, on a part-time basis, as a loan analyst.

  • Tammy is responsible for assisting the grant department and the development office, in addition to coordinating the office calendar and conference rooms.

  • It's Donna's pleasure to greet you when you call or come in to WCI's office as she is responsible for all receptionist duties and provides secretarial support to WCI's staff.